Supernova (Book 3)
By: Marissa Meyer

Quick-take: Weakest entry of the trilogy.

Dan's Review

This book annoyed me. Is Nova a superhero or a villain? That question was thoroughly explored in book 2, and then it got dragged out for another whole book.

The motives made little sense. It seems that Nova's loyalties are whatever group she happens to be with at the time. She has no firm beliefs in anything. When she is with the Renegades, she feels like a Renegade. If she is with the Anarchists, she feels like an Anarchist.

This book finally had the 2 sides collide in a major way, and this plot problem was made worse. A thought that popped in my head as I was reading... "If I throw a punch, should I be upset if it actually lands?" It seems, with Nova, that answer is Yes. That is Nova's mindset as she double-crosses the Renegades to help the Anarchists and then feels bad about it. Regularly, she sets up her double-cross, it starts to work, and then she rushes to save her own victims.

Nova needs to pick a side and stick with it! Nova needs to actually face real consequences for her disloyalty! Instead, we just sit around and discuss "feelings". Yes, we all feel bad, but we are a good people! Nobody is really a villain or hero! OK, let's ignore that you make poisons in your spare time, and let's ignore you sell military gear illegally to the highest bidder. We are all just good people, right?

Those suffering the fallout of Nova's misdeeds also seem pretty nonplussed about their situation. I think I'd be giving Nova far, far more than "a stern look". Also, the fact Nova's secret identity was kept this late had reached a "Superman's glasses" level of absurdity for me. The book only slightly addressed that.

The ending was disappointing too. Everything got wrapped up far too conveniently nice and neat.

Score: 2/5. The only reason to read this book is if you enjoyed book 2 well enough that you absolutely have to know how it all ends. Just be prepared to no longer care when you finally do.

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