• Open Source

    Dan's award-winning projects are downloaded hundreds of times per day all over the world.

  • Public Speaking

    Dan averages 5 talks per year on a range of topics.

  • Multiple Languages. Multiple Fields.

    Internationally recognized for contributions to web design, HTML5 game dev, and computer networks.

  • Published

    1 book published by CRC Press. 2 pending patents.

Projects and Presentations


Global. 700k downloads.


Raytheon CODEX

Software, Cybersecurity.


Cummings Aerospace

Simulations, Java, and CI/CD.


SVSI by Harman

Startup sold to Harman
(and then to Samsung).


Packet Sender

Award-winning network utility.
Focus of most talks.



For fun and not much profit.


Pay Down Calc

Mortgage and Finance calculator.
Sometimes sees the Reddit front page.


More at GitHub

How about a deep dive in to the wonderfully obscure?

Awards and recognition

Many of Dan's experiences and awards have made their way in to his talks.

The following awards are in recognition for Packet Sender, a network utility that Dan invented and developed.

  • Innovative Security Project of the Year 2016 Finalist
  • Qt Showroom 2016
  • Top 100 Open Source Projects of 2015

His efforts in HTML5 gaming have been mentioned a few times in podcasts. However, these days Dan's been hacking them (with publisher approval) versus developing them.

Deliberately Cross-Platform

Users should be able to use apps on their favorite devices.

Dan has written apps for: Windows, Mac, Linux Desktop, Linux Servers, Raspberry Pi, Apple App Store, Google Play, Chrome Web Store, Mozilla Firefox Add-ons, Roku, Facebook, Twitter, and of course, the web itself.


A word from Dan

Education is something I am very passionate about.

I believe the only reason I have achieved what I have up until now is by focusing on projects that solve hard problems. I then take that knowledge and try to present it in ways that helps others solve their problems.

I believe that it does not matter how much a person may know if that information cannot be transferred to others. Good communication skills may be the most important skill to have.

Alexa Hackathon