A Dragon of a Different Color (Book 4)
By: Rachel Aaron

Quick-take: This series needs to be reigned in.

Dan's Review

Oh my, where to begin.

In less than a couple months (the entire timeline starting with book 1), we've gone from a plucky dragon-human running around the streets... to what are essentially GODS waging epic battles.

In a single month, a thousand years has been overturned... 60 years of planning is in upheaval...

That's all fine and good, but it is the sheer ridiculousness of it that bothers me. The author badly needs to kill a few characters to reign this series in. As if the immortal super water-spirit is not enough, we now have an immortal demon that can devour entire worlds in under a day.

Please stop this. We still have lingering characters from previous books that seem to have been forgotten (e.g. Justin basically disappeared).

The other problem with this book, and this use to be a strong point for the author... it is the dialogue. There is just too much triviality. While Rachel Aaron does a good job of each character staying true to their personalities, I simply stopped caring what they have to say. The first 2 books had the right balance.

Yes, there is a lot of magic happening. Great. It's been happening since book 1. The entire world is about to collapse on itself. Great. So what do we do? How about we gather a bunch of important people and make them explain, in great detail, the mechanics and origins of magic for dozens of pages.

I felt like I was I was watching a Star Trek episode that was 90% technobabble. Technobabble is a means to an end. This book had entire technobabble chapters.

Score: 2/5. It was the weakest entry, but it was still entertaining. I'm glad the next book is the last. This one ended in a cliffhanger. Now that everybody has godlike powers, I am not sure where else it can go.

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