Last Dragon Standing (Book 5)
By: Rachel Aaron

Quick-take: Epic conclusion with little to believe.

Dan's Review

The entire book centered around an intense single battle to save the world. It was a nice change from the string-of-pearls style of writing in the previous books.

Julius is now a full-blown Mary Sue character. The author does not even try to hide it. His personality and caring are the pinnacle of perfection throughout. He cannot and never does any wrong.

Marci is slightly improved, though Julius perfection is wearing off on her.

What I liked about this book was how incredibly intense the entire situation was. The collapse of the world was imminent, and it could be felt in the story. However, there was still plenty of time for characters to stand around and "blah, blah, blah" about Midichlorians.

Then when finished with the tech-babble, they "blah, blah, blah" about... "feelings". At times, I felt like I was listening in on relationship counselors. For cutthroat dragons and demon spirits, everybody is surprisingly calm and open about their desires.

Overall, this was a decent series that needed to have ended 2 books ago. Consider the timeline: No less than 2 months ago, Julius was the smallest dragon, the last born, of the last pack. 2 months later, he is the point man and best hope for the entire world.

Last book is a 3/5. Despite no semblance of believably, these books are decently entertaining, and that what I mostly ask of these novels.

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