The Land: Alliances: A LitRPG Saga (Book 3)
By: Aleron Kong

Quick-take: Richtor goes solo, makes a couple mistakes, and does not progress the story.

Dan's Review

Fresh off his success from his adventures in book 2, Richtor enters the Mist Village. Barely taking even a quick nap, he pops in to another dungeon, pops out, starts politicking around his village, and runs off again for revenge and adventure.

While my complaint about the previous book was too slow, I am wondering if this one is too fast. I appreciate it though. I am not actually trying for believability here. Just the semblance of it. Apparently, Richtor is gaining lots of power for having only been in The Land for 90 days.

One thing about RPGs is that there is always something stronger. You level up, and all it seems to do is makes the enemies more difficult, so what was the point? Thankfully, this book had the answer: Richtor goes solo this time around. He is certainly strong enough to handle everything. His powerful spells and leveling gets put to good use.

There is a lot to enjoy with this book save for 2 major issues: There was very little story progression save for a few nuggets about the village. Basically, all that happened in this episode is Richtor ran off and came back stronger. The other major annoyance is the big unneeded cliffhanger at the end. It was like a commercial break just before a punchline of a joke —except the show never resumed. Doubly annoying is the cliffhanger was obviously forced and not that good.

Score 4/5. I have already picked up the next book.

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