The Land: Forging (Book 2)
By: Aleron Kong

Quick-take: Series is starting to drag a bit.

Dan's Review

Richter's ongoing LitRPG quest for more personal power and growth for his village continues. This takes him, his companions, and a new familiar, in to another dungeon within his village. My complaint from book 1 was addressed: Richter is not quite as flawless now. He makes some dumb decisions, though he oddly gets rewarded even more just for owning up to them.

The dungeon has a classic RPG vibe to it. There are monsters, traps, dungeon keys, quest items, rewards, and on. The RPG aspects are top notch.

We also get a bit of insight in to Scion, Richter's fondest companion. That bit of insight was more interesting than I expected.

The book feels well designed and executed. The main problem I have is that I am just getting exhausted. I enjoy a good RPG. Just not days and days worth it. I think I will take a break from this series and pick up another book.

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