The Land: Founding: A LitRPG Saga (Book 1)
By: Aleron Kong

Quick-take: Well done LitRPG.

Dan's Review

Richter somehow landed inside an RPG. Though he has no items, no skills, and is at level 1, he does have advantages for him:

  1. He played this particular game, and a lot of other RPGs, a lot in the real world. His knowledge is not starting from scratch.

  2. He is a "Human Chaos Seed", meaning he can gain skills and character traits very fast.

In fact, his rate of progression is my biggest complaint. Every plan works flawless outside of minor hiccups. As in my review of Ready Player One, the main character is basically a Mary Sue. The only difference between Ready Player One and The Land, is Richtor took 3 levels to become a Mary Sue.

I thought some of the writing was a bit lazy. Several times Richtor acquires an item or a skill just before it becomes critical to complete a goal. Also, like a story out of Star Trek, a new character may get introduced just so he can be killed and mourned.

I'm willing to set those complaints to the side because overall the book was very entertaining. The rattling of the stat sheets when he leveled or gained an item wasn't overtly tedious, and it was fun picturing how life would be like if I had access to a HUD to learn more about my surroundings.

I like a good magic system with my sci-fi books, and the LitRPG style -- leveling up, interesting items, allocating skill points, etc. This has a satisfying character progression. This book gets a 5/5, and I am already reading book 2.

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