Sentenced to Troll 3 (Book 3)
By: S.L. Rowland

Quick-take: Standard LitRPG.

Dan's Review

And thus, the Troll Saga does not conclude.

Instead, the group levels up, defeats a boss, and then continues on to a more difficult area. Basically, I am pretty disappointed. There really is nothing unique happening here.

One of the developed minor characters was left out for nearly the entire story. I do not know the purpose of doing this. It didn't add any drama. Basically, the characters just kept mentioning it'd be nice if he was around.

Also, I am still not really buying the "I don't care if it is just code inside an AI. These people are real living actual lives". Nope, not seeing it. It's just an extraordinarily sophisticated AI. They could be resurrected with a simple code rollback. I was hoping for a bit of plot reveal to make them actually true, but that did not happen.

This is basically a long-winded review to end up saying I do not plan on picking up the Book 4 I did not think existed when I started this series.

For those that do not mind a neverending SFF series, for the actual content: The battle sequences were interesting. There were some neat boss characters with cool spells. However, there are some very obvious (to me) techniques that Chod could be using that he doesn't. The one I think of the most is casting "kamakize" right as one of his minions is about to die. Wouldn't that be better than letting them go poof? Let them deal bonus damage.

The other obvious trick is he could cast "sacrifice" just before battle and then recast all his horrors again. He very rarely ever buffs himself. This seems like an obvious gap.

There was also a "hack" he performed in book 1 that never appeared again. He let his health get to around 5% and then did "berzerker rage" to super-stack his regeneration basically making himself immune. That trick never appeared again.

Lastly, the story of the rampaging worms was never mentioned.

While this series initially showed promise, it turned into another meandering fantasy epic. Score: 3/5.

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