Sentenced to Troll 2 (Book 2)
By: S.L. Rowland

Quick-take: Standard LitRPG.

Dan's Review

Chod sets off for more adventuring in the Isle of Mythos. As in tradition with Book 2 of a triology, not quite as much happens this round. However, the book managed to stay entertaining.

Chod visits a human city. His shennagains from the end of book 1 in the human village has made waves. He leaves his Troll forest for home for no compelling reason other than it helps the story along. My guess is the author wants Chod to explore without being bound to the Troll Chief. Also, the author completely disregards the most important quest from book 1 (magical worms needing to be killed within 2 weeks). There is zero information about this throughout book 2.

The most important point is his pal Terran arrives. I actually like that he arrived later in the book. It makes a bit more sense story-wise.

Another plot letdown is that Terran did not give any news of the outside world. If I did not have any access to any news for an entire month (even with strained family relationships), I would like an update. Chod/Chad did not even bother to ask. I would also like to know how my body is faring being plugged into the Matrix non-stop. Perhaps a psych exam would be in order too? I suppose I could just handwave that away and focus on the LitRPG story.

Terran and Chod level up a few times and complete a couple dungeons. The end scene was not as epic as book 1. However, as mentioned before, the book is decently entertaining. Though we needlessly dropped a couple plot points, it has not gone off the rails (yet) like "The Land".

I have picked up book 3 under the assumption this fantasy series will actually end. Score 3/5.

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