Sentenced to Troll (Book 1)
By: S.L. Rowland

Quick-take: Standard LitRPG.

Dan's Review

Chad griefed/insulted/harassed players during his gaming streams, and in this book's universe, that is a punishable crime. Rather than a fine or jail, the judge does something a little different: Chad is sentenced to play as the most reviled creature: the Troll.

Having read a few LitRPG books, I feel like I can now talk competently about this attempt. I thought the premise was interesting. Chad must play as the worst character (a troll). However, the execution was a bit lacking.

This is basically a vanilla RPG with the hook only being Chad is (or "Chod" in the game) is just a less desirable character. Chod simply starts with a few extra disadvantages that he must overcome versus other character choices. Even then, his character is really not so bad. He is tall, very strong, and can regenerate. I thought he was going to be spat upon by everybody and generally have a very miserable experience. That does not happen. For his Toll deficiencies, he basically solves them within the first couple quests. The "hook" for this book --playing as a bad character-- is basically gone by chapter 12. His Troll character starts becoming awesome, and Chod is easily exploiting the cards he has been dealt.

Another theme underlying this book/game... NPCs (non-playing characters). They are actually fully developed and lifelike with complete backstories and personalities. If I mentally shove aside they are just AI within the game, it helps the book along.

I must compare this book to "The Land" series. The Land is a more interesting universe and seems a bit better executed. However, The Land completely ran off the rails without even a hint it might get reigned in. What drove me to this series is that I was promised a story that concluded after 3 entries. I am tired of fantasy and sci-fi with no real ending. So far, despite this book breaking its original premise (punishment for griefing), it is still entertaining, and I am looking forward to books 2 and 3. Score 4/5.

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