Love Lost (Book 3)
By: Michael Anderle

Quick-take: The books are losing steam.

Dan's Review

Book 3 has nothing to add that wasn't covered in book 2. Bethany Anne is absurdly wealthy. She fights some baddies (always good to have, imo). She takes no excuses. She expands her recruting and influence.

There was a scene early on that left a bad taste in my mouth. There was a scene where she dispenses some justice. Her and her team acts as judge, jury, and executionur. And the narration of the book implied this was a solemn duty and the correct call. I strongly disagreed. The man deserved a trial. Even if that was not possible, at least the crewmen. Skipping trial and going straight to execution for the "crime" of mearly being associatied with the criminal at the top is too much.

Anyway, I can let that go I suppose. However, the book continues on with Bethany Anne's righteous justice. In one scene she acts like she cares deeply about her team and task. In the next scene she threatens painful death to anybody that steps out of line.

The portrays her as very inspring with a crew that loves her, but why would anybody go to work for a leader like that? This seems like it is only a matter time before crew members get "death by misundertanding". I'd be walking on constant eggshells versus her other team members attempting to sling the most captivating insult. What if some reason crazy murder-happy boss actually takes that one personally?

Even if you set all that to the side, this book really did not offer much in furthering the story. It seems this book, book 3, took on the role of the meandering almost-skippable book 2. It actually was enjoyable. It was just completely forgettable. Score: 3/5. It is on the strength of the first 2 books, and the fact that these are fairly short, that I am picking up book 4. I hope it picks back up a bit more.

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