Queen Bitch (Book 2)
By: Michael Anderle

Quick-take: Bethany Anne has no chill.

Dan's Review

The gloves have come off. She has gone full-blown Queen Bitch like the title says. The book reflects it. Everybody either absolutely loves her or cannot stand her. It has come clear that perhaps she always was a bit of a bitch in her normal life. She just now has the power and resources to back it up.

I find those with that kind of personality exhausting. However, I cannot deny the entertainment value. She is basically a superhero (or perhaps supervillian) in a world full of wannabes. She has no equal, and nobody knows what to do with her. Throughout the book she upends every established rule and methods of decorum and simply disrupts everything.

I'd argue the book takes it too far with the resources at her disposal. The author had events unfold that basically just tossed gasoline onto the already burning fire of Bethany Anne. Still, this is supposed to be entertaining fiction, right?

Score: A rare 2nd book 5/5. Though there is a touch of a love story, I am pleased the author did not feel the need to force one onto Bethany Anne. She obviously does not have the patience for that.

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