Death Becomes Her (Book 1)
By: Michael Anderle

Quick-take: Slow burn origin story.

Dan's Review

Bethany Anne works hard and has little patience. This book is a long-winded origin story of how she came into power. A full 75% of the book covers her background and how she was chosen for the vampire treatment.

One problem I have with this book is that her intuition just feels a bit too accurate. Despite being dropped into a world full of delicate family politics of which she knows next to nothing, she apparently seems to immediately understand what needs to be done, what rules to break, and how she wants to go about it.

Once you get past the very long intro to all the characters and a bunch of blah, blah, blah of family history, Bethany Anne eventually transforms... and she is a sight to behold. It is pure brain candy.

The entertainment generated by the last 25% saved this book. I can give it a solid 4, and I have immediately dove into book 2. I am anxious to see her tear the world apart now that the slow intro is finished.

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