Bite This (Book 4)
By: Michael Anderle

Quick-take: Books are turning into sci-fi.

Dan's Review

Bethany Anne and her servant Stephen take out some more high-level baddies. More soldiers and vampires are recruited into her army. She buys more toys. That part is all well and good. If the book just focused on that, I'd be pleased.

The part I am not too enthused about is the ever-increasing sci-fi level aspect of it. One of her vast corporate holdings has dug into some intense AI research, and one of her techies recommended pursuing it. She agrees. Now, we have a boring side story of purchasing equipment to build an electronic brain that may help or destroy humanity depending on who's side the brain decides to align with. This sci-fi scenario has been played out innumerable times, and I have no interest in it being part of my action/adventure/touch-of-humor vampire series.

Score 3/5. Once again, nothing of particular note has happened. Upon further research, I found that while the series is completed (something I try to check), there are 20 books in it. I am not sure I want to hang on for that long. These books are short though, and I already have the next one, so I will continue. Something will need to change for me to want the next one.

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