Under My Heel (Book 6)
By: Michael Anderle

Quick-take: Another entry of no consequence.

Dan's Review

Bethany Anne gathers her resources for vengeance from a terrorist attack. On the way, minor plot points are revealed.

I was ready to give up on this series, but I later decided perhaps I was just burned out and needed a break. I tend to ploy through series until I finish or get exhausted. After taking a break, I found myself enjoying the series again. I was worried I'd forget important plot points, but they came back pretty quick.

As for the content, it was decently entertaining. You can easily and completely skip the entire book. Just read the last couple chapters for the "big reveal" which is basically a mild cliffhanger to lead to the next book.

I'm glad we dropped the thread about how Pete is now a great leader thanks to him completely subjugating himself to Bethany Anne. I complained how she is now the great inspired leader the book makes her out to be in my last review. However, I will say in this entry she has improved. She is effective at delegating for her various projects.

A minor complaint is the battles. Bethany Anne is basically a modern superhero versus an army from antiquity. I don't know why they don't just drop her in, have her slaughter all the baddies, and then leave.

Score 3/5. I enjoyed it OK. I will likely continue the series but stretch out my consumption of it over a few years versus a few months.

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