Alcatraz Versus The Dark Talent (Book 5)
By: Brandon Sanderson

Quick-take: Ends in a whimper.

Dan's Review

Well, the story did conclude, and I was not impressed. There were several problems.

  • The side commentary was back in full force, and it was useless. It even mocked its own uselessness by intentionally talking about something very mundane. Ha, ha, yeah, sorry my time is more valuable.

  • The epic finish was not very epic. After 5 volumes, I was expecting something impressive. There was a decent twist that I did not anticipate, but even then it was a bit forced.

  • Forced opening for a new book. Since book 3, I was promised this was the last book. However, I suppose Brandon Sanderson couldn't help himself. At that last minute, he squeezed in a "but wait, there's more!". Boo.

Normally, I would write a statement about how it was at least entertaining. Unfortunately, I cannot even write that much. His most entertaining character, Bastille, was disabled during the book. She was unable to contribute any of her comedic snark. Alcatraz alone is simply not interesting enough on his own to carry the book.

Score 3/5. I'm actually happy to be done with Alcatraz.

The sixth book is written from Bastille's viewpoint. I have already mentioned she is the best character in the series. I will probably pick it up eventually. Maybe it will also give the series a proper ending.

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