Gone For Good
By: Harlan Coben

Quick-take: It was decently entertaining, though a bit meandering.

Dan's Review

Several women have been murdered, and they all seemed to be connected to Will Klein. The last one from 11 years ago caused his brother Ken to go missing when he was declared a suspect. Now, there may be evidence that Ken is back and innocent. This is on top of Will unfortunately being in the middle of a more recent murder.

As typical with my reviews of mystery novels, I am going to try to reveal as little detail as possible. Each nugget of revelation is important to the overall flow of the story, and there is quite a story here.

In fact, I think it is simply too much story. There is his girlfriend, his friend that's a girl, his buddy that owns a yoga studio, and on. It is too much. I had trouble mentally keeping track of it all. Thankfully, Will, the protagonist, occasionally stops and reflects and thus summarizes everything that has happened thus far.

A point that bothers me is Will himself. He is completely unremarkable. Perhaps that was intentional? He is just a guy trying to figure out a bad situation. That seems like a neat idea, but being unremarkable also makes him uninteresting. He works for a children's charity. Was his job choice supposed to be meaningful? That's not the kind of job the author would toss in randomly, yet I never caught if that plot point had any significance. As the story goes, he could've been a piano salesman.

Anyway, this book was decently entertaining, and like all good mysteries, the major story arcs were closed. I was able to just barely follow along despite all the characters. Score: 3 out of 5. I think if a few characters were removed to tighten the story, it would have been a lot better.

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