We Are Legion (Book 1)
By: Dennis E. Taylor

Quick-take: This is decent sci-fi that started strong and then dragged out.

Dan's Review

Bob is a successful businessman that signed up to have his head preserved upon death and then "resurrected" if technology ever catches up to allow that to happen.

Well, you can guess what happened. It only took a bit over a century. My, oh my, how the world has changed in a 100 years. I find it completely unbelievable. Global politics, speech patterns, and world boundaries do not change that radically that quickly. The author should have slid the date an extra 300 years. If I assume 2400s instead of the 2100s, I can get on board with this.

The standard timeless sci-fi questions are asked: With so many changes to himself, is he really still Bob? At what point did he stop being Bob and become something else? Is he even "alive" ? What is "alive"? It is fairly cheap fodder that has been ran in to the ground ever since the first computers rolled out, but the author handled it well. Bob goes through his own existential crisis, and you can predict the conclusion he decides.

My favorite part was the beginning where Bob was trying to figure out WTF was happening and how much the world has changed. I won't go in to details because these mini-reveals are the best part of the book.

Eventually, Bob makes his way to outer space, and here is where the book runs out of steam. 3/4 of the book is all about resource triaging. The human race is suffering, and with limited time, Bob needs to allocate energy towards gathering resources, finding new resources, building military, etc.

This was an enjoyable book told with decent humor, but the story is not quite strong enough for me to want Book 2. Score: 3/5.

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