A Bad Deal for the Whole Galaxy (Book 2)
By: Alex White

Quick-take: Entertaining book 2.

Dan's Review

Some important characters disbanded in book 1 that need to be brought back in. It is time to get the band back together! The motivation for everybody rejoining is suspect. For one main character, Boots, she was bored with all her money. For the rest of the crew, we finally did settle on a decent motivator: revenge and prevention. Money didn't work because everybody got rich in book 1. Why exactly are they crawling around in an old ship taking orders from the captain? I never was satisfied with the motivation. Once I set that to the side, I managed to enjoy the story.

Nilah and crew must infiltrate the Children of the Singularity. They are trying to take out a very well financed criminal enterprise as they strike down The Gods of the Harrow. The book was basically divided into 3 parts. Each leg of the journey was figuring out Who, How, and Where. In that order.

I found the final destination where the main bad guy was hiding very interesting. Bravo! More of that, please. It is full of bad people behaving strange. Fortunately, each step does have plenty of explosions and mayhem to move the story along.

This book suffers the same problem that plagues so many book 2s: Nothing substantial happens. Thankfully, once again, we did close the story arc and were invited to come along for book 3. Overall, I give this book a 4/5. If you liked book 1, you would enjoy book 2.

Unfortunately, I now must wait half a year for book 3 to land. This is why I try not to start series until they are finished. I was promised something epic!

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