The Scourge of Muirwood (Book 3)
By: Jeff Wheeler

Quick-take: Non-stop pining for Colvin with some interesting tidbits thrown in.

Dan's Review

Lia decides only she is able to save Muirwood from the Blight that was referenced in Book 2 and sets off to find Colvin and warn the other Abbeys. With Colvin escorting Ellowyn Demont, Lia is no longer lovestruck and doey-eyed, thus making this book more enjoyable than book 2. Lia is all decision and action.

Her journey across the land is woefully unbelievable. I thought Lia was a bit too amazing. She is able to take out multiple trained guards and mystical warrior types. Her markmanship with a bow would make Katniss Everdeen jealous. Sure, has been trained as a hunter, but that was only for a year. I suppose 24/7 access to a master would give you an edge in short amount of time. However, even if I was to accept that, Lia is also teenage girl. Having her out-fight multiple trained adult male swordsmen is simply not believable. The book should've had Lia set traps, outsmart, or out-talk them instead. Maybe use the Medium a bit more.

As the book progress, Lia started to become a bit of a Mary Sue. In one of the author's notes, Jeff Wheeler mentioned he studied religions. It shows. This book has some strong religous undertones. Lia's faith is being challenged throughout this book, and she must choose what she believes the Medium wishes of her. Her moral convictions are challenged too. At each decision point, you can guess what she chooses.

I am pleased the triology actually did end. All the major story arcs were closed. However, while the final scene was nicely epic, the closing felt a bit lazy. I was simply told about everything else that happened. It was rapid-fire spoilers of all the varioius subplots. I was getting a bit tired of the series anyway. The first book is easily the strongest entry. This book does OK as a closer. Score: 3/5

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