The Firm
By: John Grisham

Quick-take: I finally found a crime novel that I enjoyed and recommend.

Dan's Review

Mitch was hired straight out of Harvard law school to work for a highly secretive law firm in Memphis. He had his doubts at first. Why would a top law grad move to small town Tennessee, especially when he already has 2 compelling offers on the table?

In short, he moved because the money was just too good to ignore. They are offering a fat salary, a new BMW, a low interest mortgage, student loan forgiveness... and the perks just keep coming. For this amazing bargain, all they ask in return is a lot of hard work. The hours are tough, but Mitch could potentially retire a millionaire in 10 years. Sounds amazing. Goodbye NYC. Hello Memphis.

However, sometimes things are just too good to be true. Oh the money is indeed real. There are just so many red flags. For one, why is his employer so concerned about his personal life? When an FBI agent comes along to talk to Mitch about the firm, the book shifts in to overdrive and does not stop until the end.

Not that I've read many, but this book is unlike any crime novel I've seen. What is the lawyer to do when it is your own firm that needs to be put on trial? This book broke my expectations. For one, Mitch specializes in tax law. Sounds boring, right? I now have new found respect for dodgy tax techniques. Mitch himself has his own character flaws (for one, it was pure greed that brought him to Memphis). There is no dramatic courtroom scene with a critical piece of evidence or confession. In fact, I don't recall any courtrooms beyond a passing reference.

I'm cutting my review very short and just simply stating this is the best crime novel I've read and I don't want to drop any hints of spoilers. This is also my first John Grisham novel. Perhaps I need to add more of him to my queue.

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