By: Ken Grimwood

Quick-take: This may be my new favorite novel.

Dan's Review

Calling this book "a 25-year Groundhog Day" simply does not do it justice.

This book was simply amazing in the design and execution of the story. Yes, he is constantly reliving the past 25-years of his life, but what does that actually mean?

What was remarkable was how 100% believable the story was. What would I do if it was me? The book explores everything point-by-point, and instead of the Groundhog Day restart, 25 years is actually enough time to see what happens. That was what I liked: What actually happens when I changed the history.

There was a ton of history and pop-culture references that I missed because I was not around during that time. This book badly needs a refreshed time loop to current day's trivia.

Despite that, I am still giving this a 5.

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