Red Rising
By: Pierce Brown

Quick-take: Hunger Games meets Ender's Game.

Dan's Review

Darrow is a Red. He is the lowest of the low classes. However, he is taking charge in a big way with this book.

This novel is full of action, and it touches on a lot of political points... such as inspiring in-fighting to distract the population of where their hatred should go... the top which are the Golds.

There are some really big plot holes I could not get over. I don't want to spoil any, so I will just mention one that is at the very start:

  • The book takes place on Mars, but you would not know that from this book.

This book could very easily take place in a wide open field in a temperate zone. The only time something Mars-like gets mentioned (like lower gravity) is when the author suddenly remembers he is on Mars and can mention something about that.

  • Darrow has Ender Wiggin-like ability to win and execute plans.

I can't believe any of it. Somehow, Ender was written to where I could accept the super-genius. This is probably b/c has the background and mindset for the task at hand. Darrow is a miner in desgiuse and is just dropped into the field after a crash course. He adapts and executes flawlessly.

There were other holes, but I don't want to cover any except that I may spoil. Overall, would call this book entertaining. Score: 3/5. If want to read Hunger Games, then go read that. If want Ender's Game, then go read this. This book as a not-as-good blending of the two. I won't be picking up the second.

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