Priceless (Book 1)
By: Shannon Mayer

Quick-take: Convoluted.

Dan's Review

Rylee seeks out lost children using her special powers. She is a special combination of Tracker and Immune. Unfortunately, she developed these skills later in life and could not save her sister when she disappeared. The loss of her sister is what motivates Rylee to find other missing children.

And with that, I have summarized the only portion of the book that makes sense. The books tries to be a mystery with a bunch of fantasy elements woven in it. There are vampires, wearwolves, daywalkers, and interdiminisions. These appear as the plot moves along for Rylee to track down the missing girl. Despite a decent and strong anchor for the main plot, it's dissappointing that the fantasy elements are done poorly. About the only thing vampire-y about the vampires is that the book declared them as vampires, and they don't like sunlight. The wearwolve was a little better done in that the book did its own take on it.

My biggest complaint is Rylee. The book just does not serve her justice on how super powerful she is. I remember reading a story-writing post about how if you give your character some ability, then the character must use that ability whenever it is useful to do so. Rylee is a Tracker. I believe if at any time she is not tracking, she is doing something less useful. It is an extremely powerful ability. Nothing should be a surprise to her.

Score 3/5. There was also a bit of sci-fi in there, and it was extremely cliche. There was a touch of romance too, and it was cringy. If you don't look beneath the surface, it is OK for entertainment.

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