Dragonslayer (Book 1)
By: Duncan M. Hamilton

Quick-take: Solid dragon book.

Dan's Review

Gill is/was a master swordsman who has long since put down his sword in favor of alcoholism. Now that a dragon has appeared, the kingdom needs his skills. Is he up to it, or has many years of neglect made him useless? He accepts the task.

Early in his journey, Gill happens upon the young Solène, who is about to be burned at the stake for being a witch. Gill is feeling benevolent that day and decides to save her. Solène's journey as a mage is a continuing side story that goes along with Gill. I think the author migh have made Solène far too powerful. She can be inserted into any plot and make all other characters irrelevant.

Anyway, I'm always down for a good dragon book. I have at least 10 of them on this book blog. I get very disappointed when the main theme of the dragon book is anything other than an epic, flying, fire-breathing beast. I am pleased to report that this book statisifies. There are some side themes, but the dragon is definitely the focus, and it is killing indiscriminately.

If you like dragons, wizards, and swordsmen (and who doesn't?), you can be well served by this book. There is a bit of predictability, but it is not bad.

This series is supposed to be a fully completed trilogy, and I am hoping that is the case as I pick up book 2.

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