Beyond the Shadows (Book 3)
By: Brent Weeks

Quick-take: The Night Angel Grows.

Dan's Review

Kyler has gotten himself into a complicated mess. I am never sure what to write in my reviews for series once I reach book 3. Do I assume the reader has gone through books 1 and 2 and thus mild spoilers from that book is OK? I don't know. Regardless, Kyler is a very busy ninja playing his critical in deciding world politics. Unlike book 2, it is satisifying see Kyler actually start to own and use his power. He is so strong he doesn't even know how deep his power goes.

Like the others, this book is also quite complicated. There are various factions spread across the land all jockying for power and wanting to conquer or rule. Kyler's loyalties are with Logan. However, he does make it clear that he does not actually have to take orders from anybody. He's super powerful and nobody can stop him.

Super Vixen Ninja Vi has a role to play in this book. Her character actually grows a bit more. I am not sure if I like remorseful Vi more than angry Vi. The book still can't seem to stop describing how attractive she is in every scene.

When I got to the last quarter of the book, I was wondering, "How are they going to wrap this up?" I heard this was a trilogy, but there is just too much going on to truly put a bow on this. And I was correct. The book seemed to have shortcut a lot of story arcs and spend a considerable amount of time in the final epic battle. The final battle was truly epic. It was decently entertaining, but that is why I wanted to read a book about assisins. Assisins aren't meant to be wielding swords in the king's army against 20,000 foes. Assisins go and, well, assisnate. The book forgot its intent.

The final conclusion was an OK conclusion. However, the justification made me yawn. Score: 3/5.

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