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The government does not need to make a health website.

Oct 2013

Building a web site from scratch was the wrong approach for the Affordable Care Act. The whole Healthcare.gov site could be turned in to a PDF hosted on Amazon AWS.

Page 1:
A little worksheet that covers…

  • Your stats
  • Where you are located
  • Your dependents

Page 2:
A little worksheet to check for subsidies

Page 3 and on:

  • All the available plans

The plans will have links that say,

  • Click here to purchase “Blue Saver” from BCBS’s site
  • Click here to purchase “Humana Silver” from Humana’s site

All they need is a graphics designer and a few experienced tech writers to make it nice and easy to read. When new plans become available, anybody could update a doc, print a PDF, and upload to a web site after just a couple hours of training.

This puts the complicated stuff, the burden of purchasing and verification, on the health insurance providers themselves. They will be highly motivated to make sure all their clients can get all the subsidies and have a smooth checkout process. Within a week of launching, somebody or the insurers themselves from within private industry will turn that PDF worksheet in to an exchange system.
There. I just saved the tax payers a billion dollars.


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